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Music is a talent few people posses. Those who have this gift usually end up chasing a career in music; the sad reality is, not everyone who takes on music as a profession succeeds in the music industry.
And you might ask why that is. We’ll get to the why part in a few.
In the Nigerian music scene, the likes of Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy who have achieved much success, didn’t become superstars overnight.
Only a few years back, these individuals were upcoming artists with nothing but their talent and a passion for music. They could have failed, but they didn’t. Today, they have become a force to reckon with not just locally, but internationally. Reasons why African music industry can’t meet the standard of western music industry
In this article, we’ll be discussing six reasons why most upcoming artists fail to succeed in the music industry.

  1. Lack of Uniqueness: If there’s one thing that makes most upcoming artists fail to succeed in music, it’s their lack of uniqueness. Their style and sound are no different from what’s popular in the industry.
    No one is going to listen to your music if you sound similar to some other artist in the industry. I see a lot of music artists trying to sound like Wizkid, but then, that’s a move that’s going to hurt their careers.
    In your quest to become successful in your musical career, it’s important that you do everything within your power to be original in your style and sound, or risk joining the bandwagon of upcoming musical acts who never made it in the industry.
  2. Laziness: There are lots of folks in the music industry with remarkable talent, but their failure to work hard is what eventually crushes their music career.
    Every music artist who has ever achieved success in the music industry locally and internationally is a hard worker.
    Over here in Nigeria, we’ve known a couple of upcoming musical acts who after dropping a song that became a mild hit, stopped working because they felt that one or two songs were enough to make them superstars.
    Anyone looking to achieve success in the music industry must work tirelessly. As an upcoming artist, you shouldn’t get carried away with the success of your first record(s), don’t stop working even after your first mild hit.
  3. Poor Music Promotion: Success in the music industry doesn’t come easy even for those with enough music talent. Self-advertisement is very important for those looking to become successful in the music industry.
    If music superstars like Davido and Wizkid can promote their new music on social media, as an upcoming artist, you have no excuse for not promoting your music.
    You shouldn’t release a good song and just go to sleep expecting the song to become popular just like that. Creatively advertise your song on social media, and also submit it to top music websites for promotion.
    There’s an upcoming artist I do admire, and that’s Blaqbonez. He’s signed to Chocolate City and recently dropped a great song Haba. Blaqbonez aggressively promoted his song on social media until it got over a million streams on Apple music.
  4. Working With Cheap Producers: Regardless of how great your vocals are, if the person handling the production of your song(s) isn’t an expert, your music isn’t going to sound professional.
    Upcoming music artists are fond of patronizing cheap producers – I won’t blame them for this as some of them are too broke to afford big producers like Sarz, Spellz, Young John, Kiddominant and the rest.
    Anyone who wishes to succeed in their craft must be willing to make sacrifices. A lot of guys in the music industry who have become household names today didn’t come from wealthy backgrounds, but these guys made sure the producers they worked with during their early years were at the top of their game, not minding how much it would cost them.
    Today, their sacrifices have paid off.
  5. Poor Lyrics or Song Writing: In a country like Nigeria where people use music to turn up rather than to relax, it would shock you to know that there are still people who pay attention to the lyrics of a song.
    A lot of upcoming artists with potential have failed in this area. They think their angelic voice is all they needand care less about developing their song writing ability.
    Except you’re as huge as Wizkid, singing a song where you mention Joro 600 times would only give you a bad name and hurt your music career.
    Take your time to create the lyrics for your song – originality also comes in here. Don’t copy another artist’s lyrics without spicing it up or making it better.
    One example of a music artist here in Nigeria who went from being an upcoming act to superstar in no time is FireBoy DML. And that’s because his melody, as well as his lyrics, are fantastic.
    We hope every upcoming musical act can learn something from FireBoy DMLin the area of lyrics and song writing.
  6. Quitters: Many upcoming artists quit too early. After dropping a couple of songs and not finding success, many get tired of wasting money, time and energy.
    Successful artists refuse to throw in the towel. They are bent on figuringthe puzzle out. They measure the results of their efforts, so they see and work to capitalize on even the tiniest amounts of progress.
    Take Burna Boy for example, with all his talent; he still had to spend over seven years in the industry before he tasted real success. Every upcoming music artist should have Burna Boy’s persistence and drive if they hope to taste success.
    There are other reasons why upcoming music artists fail to succeed, but these are some of the main reasons we thought we should share with you.

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