How to know fake Dubai and UK Visa And Job Agents

The problem of immigrants / foreign job seekers falling prey to both fake visas and job agents is very prevalent in the society. People looking for pastures in other countries have succumbed to this. I was also a victim for a while.

A week ago, I heard about the problem with some Nigerian immigration employment agents, which was one of the reasons that prompted me to make this video.

I can tell you that fake visa agents and job agents are really the same and have a lot of tricks up their sleeve.

My focus is usually on Dubai and the UAE (they are a lot here) Here is how to spot fake visa agents. Facts about

I’ll start with visa agents

  1. Partial Payment Demand (Advance Payment) They will apply for a three month visa for you on partial payment and you will pay the arrears when it is completed. This is wrong. There is no legal agent or company that can apply for a three month visa in advance for you. In fact, the first payment you ask for is the actual payment. The rest is for the benefit of the payment agent. Visa prepayment is a real deal.

2) Expenses related to the current situation in Nigeria if an agent deposits more than 150,000 from you to purchase a three month visa to the UAE. Ask him questions Trust me, the conversion rate can go up to 150,000 naira while typing. Any exploitation on top of that.

Let’s move towards fake job agents.

They work in Dubai / UAE. You will enjoy them after you get your visa and go to Dubai. These job agents take advantage of people’s frustration and many fall into their trap.

Here are some red flags to identify a fake job agent నా from my experience and the experience of others here.

1) Come with your belongings. They always have the phrase “come with your things”. They are using this phrase because they know you are depressed and need a job somewhere to live and make money.


After paying them, they will take people to the place where you are employed. Truth be told, you start working, but most companies they run do not have quotas. In the UAE, quota means the number of slots given by the government to each company to hire people.

Since these companies are illegal, they do not have a quota to apply for your visa.

Agents will take you there, and when you start these jobs, three months later, the company will tell you, “We’ll be sorry, we have no quotas and can not apply for your visa. You are told it is not in the hands.

2) Agent Fee Any job with an agent fee is a red flag. Agents will charge you 500 to 1500 dirhams depending on the job salary. Be careful, get more facts before you pay.

3) Agent Office Location. Beware of companies located in Business Bay, Burjuman and many other places including Sharjah and Ajman. Ajman is notorious for evil and is a haven for aggressors and traitors. I talked about it in my last video. Be very careful if you are invited for an interview in these places. I’m not saying this place is bad everywhere, be more careful.

4) Consultancy / Registration Fee. It is a mistake to ask any company to pay the consultation or registration fee. The Legal Recruitment Agency in the UAE does not charge job seekers. They can tell you, you start work in three days, Sunday etc. Everything is a lie. Leave at once.

5) Any job that gives you an offer letter without an on-the-spot offer letter interview is probably fake. Question. No job will give you an offer letter to get a visa without an interview. They use flat or ordinary apartment and it is always nicely maintained. When you come back in two or three days, they are gone.

You can check the source for more details and please do not send me pm. Instead comment on the post can be viewed and resolved


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